Thesis Exhibition Proposal


Kaufmann Dorsky2 Kaufmann Dorsky3 KaufmannDorsky1

I propose to build a pyramid shaped monolith which holds up the one almighty communicative device. The monolith is 2′ square at the base and 1′ square at the top. It is 3.5′ tall. The object which is held above the monolith by a small pole is 2.5 x 5 x .5 inches. This object will have a surface which one could mark with water on the tip of a finger. There will be a pool of water set into the top of the monolith, below the smaller object. This whole piece stands alone on the floor and it is accompanied by a series of tablet forms installed on four 2′ by 4′ tables which form a square around the perimeter. The whole space is roughly 15′ square.

The porcelain tablets on the tables each have a singular permanent calligraphic mark which is created via my touchscreen calligraphy process. These tablets are propped on stands at an angle facing the pyramid. Each of the individual marks on the tablets are used in pattern and repetition to create a kind of “text” which is etched into the surface of the stony white ceramic monolith. At the bottom of this pyramid form, the etched marks are small, overlapping, and jumbled. As the eye moves upward, the marks become increasingly larger, and separate from one another until individual marks are recognizable at fingertip scale.


2 comments on “Thesis Exhibition Proposal

  1. This is a good level of clarity since our discussion, and it makes sense to engage space (and the wall?), although I wonder if you are using the wall as a backdrop for the reference tablets, rather than a place to hang work. If this is the case, maybe the tablets are away from the wall on two tables facing each other.

    I am still getting Apple Store perhaps because it is a Rhino screen shot. How can the way that the work is installed be sure to reinforce the bridge across time?

    • tabletclay says:

      Hmm, yeah I was kind of seeing the wall as a backdrop so that you would really only see the front of those tablets. Maybe I should do 4 smaller tables parallel to each face of the pyramid.

      Yes, I want a little retail to come through along with the historic references. Maybe being able to walk around the tables helps with that too. I guess I have about 18 hours to decide.

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